Transpanner 2

    Ready to Transform Your Audio?

    Transpanner 2 is not just an update, it’s a complete reimagining of what a spatial audio tool can be. As we move to a model that supports and grows with our community, we invite you to join us in this next chapter of audio innovation.

    Introducing the XY Polar Pad:

    Transpanner 2 debuts an innovative XY polar pad interface, replacing the singular pan knob of its predecessor with a nuanced control surface. The concentric circles design intuitively represents audio distance—drag the virtual thumb inward to send sounds away into the distance or outward to bring them up close. This natural, tactile approach to 3D audio manipulation redefines user interaction for stereo mixing.

    Simplified Yet Powerful Control Set:

    Transpanner 2 streamlines the spatialization process, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the angle and distance of sounds within the stereo field. With the new interface, manipulating the auditory space becomes an integral part of the creative flow, providing immediate and satisfying feedback.

    Enhancements and Improvements:

    • Bug Fixes: We’ve listened to user feedback and ironed out the bugs from the previous version, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.
    • License-Free: Access to Transpanner 2 is easier than ever—no license required, making it readily available to all users.
    • Audio Technology Refinement: The audio processing engine has been meticulously refined, offering cleaner, more precise spatial effects.
    • Donationware Model: True to our commitment to the audio community, Transpanner 2 will remain donationware. Users are encouraged to support further development with contributions that reflect the value they find in the tool.

    Thanks to its clean design and self-explanatory controls, Transpanner is very easy to use. Simply load it on a stereo channel and adjust the controls until you get the desired sound.

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    Bedroom Producers

    Transpanner comprises is a simple to use and minimal parameter plugin that can be used either as an effect or as a stereo widening tool for mixing purposes.

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    The Beat Community